Sam, days 3-8 or 9

Having an amazing time  and have been really lucky getting help from strangers all the time! I have learnt a couple things so far.

1. people are generally really friendly and I should ALWAYS be more trusting!

2. I may be the last person in the world to know, but Switzerland is seriously expensive and everyone has really nice bikes!

3. The Alps are vety high mountains and it is possible to cycle uphill for four hours!

4. A new trick for fixing a puncture on the road. if you pour abit of water in the tyre to create a small bath. You can then run the semi-inflated inner tube through the tyre to find the puncture (TM)!

5. Northern France has amazing cycling infrastructure! bristol city council should send a representative on a training course to bring back some ideas for the highways division (or Place, i cant remember what bit we worked in)!

Lastly, a massive thank you to Darryl for the reeses pieces they saved the energy levels!

9 thoughts on “Sam, days 3-8 or 9”

  1. Hey Sam!

    I’m enjoying reading the Blog! Hope you’re doing well! Told some guys in work about your trip and they’re very jealous… Looking forward to reading more! Stay safe

  2. Hey cuz,

    Sister and boyfriend staying at mine in Malaysia and pointed me on to your blog. Keep up the good work and keep posting lots of pictures.. a video or two wouldn’t go amiss!

    Bon Voyage

  3. Hi Sam & Vito – loving the blogs. It’s 00:53 and Jack & I are in Kuala Lumpur at Andrew’s waiting to go to the airport for our flight to Thailand. I wonder where you are right now?! Probably cycling in Switzerland somewhere due to the time difference. Hope your both enjoying yourself! Keep up the blogs! Best of luck and love Gem & Jack xxx

  4. Sam. Pretty much all of those statements are true…up until the Swiss border. Then you need to abandon all of them. Speaking of borders, when will you get to Istanbul? I need to start booking stuff. I have harrassed you on the live tracking page as well. Let me know a rough week you think you’ll get there, I’m flexible to a point but I can’t get leave with zero notice.

  5. Good to see your update Sam! Switzerland has always been an expensive place and think you need serious money to live there. Saw from your mums what’s app that you are now in Italy, best place to be – pasta and prosecco. Hope you carry on making amazing progress, love AR x

  6. Better cycling infrastructure than the Bristol to Bath railway path Sam?! Keep the photos coming, some amazing views 🙂

  7. Well done Sam and Vito, your second country already. Am enjoying reading about your journey. Don’t forget when the going gets tough the tough keep going? ?
    Gill (Marian’s sister)

  8. Email Neil and suggest you do a recce on cycle routes when you get back – could be another month away! Hope all well xxxxx

  9. Hi Sam, make sure you have a huge gelato before you leave Italy they are the worlds best. Am loving the blog , you are doing great, lots of love

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