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I have a video camera mounted to the handlebar that can take pictures and videos, here are are the raw images from the camera – don’t expect too much, these photos and videos are not ‘photoshopped’

Images – Classic worries – always take many of the same location just in case anything goes wrong – what could possible go wrong!

Videos – There are a lot more, but hard to upload Gb of files and take up too much space. The sound is the wind, not me!

GPSLogger is installed on the phone and it will log the location and sync it with dropbox when there is a connection.

GPS locations

* the folder date is the date I did the import, check out individual image/video for the exact date it took, if you want to find out exactly where the photo taken, you can checkout the timestamps on the photo/video and cross reference with the GPS data or just look at the route from Runkeeper account

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  1. Happy to see helmets are being worn – MOST OF THE TIME! – very sensible boys 🙂 And well done on those hills, they don’t look like much fun I have to say. Much love xxxxxx

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