Just a quick update, we have not died and we are not still in croatia.We are in Nukus Uzbekistan and just about to hit five days of deserts! wish us luck! oh and I have decided to start a new low water diet to try and become even more efficient. I will try and drink under one litre of water a day from now on (joking).

4 thoughts on “Update!”

  1. Glad to read yours and Vitos updates Sam. But worried bout the dogs Vito mentioned though! Have been keeping in touch with where you are via Cath . I must get a new phone. Hope the desert isn’t too exhausting. You are both doing amazingly well, love AR xxx

  2. Hi Sam, Glad to see you have retained your sense of humour. Really impressed at the progress you have made – shame your dad is a lightweight and only lasted a week or so with you! Thanks for the postcard – all well on the heart front at this end and I am now back in the saddle.

  3. Good luck in the desert Sam … A water (melon) joke to keep you going … “Did you hear the watermelon joke? It’s pitful.” Ps, Our new arrival (Fleur Esme) was born on 7th August at 1am. Mum and Fleur doing great 🙂

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