Vito – Slovenia

This is first country that I don’t have any ideas about anything. I thought the border crossing will be really hard, but turns out the border is pretty much an abandon house with signs.

Nice mountains, all towns and cities are small and mostly on the top of hill. Food is good and a lot cheaper than Italy!

It was relatively short route in Slovenia, so we decided to camp at a town near Croatia border for a night. It was only late afternoon by the time we arrived the town, so we stopped at a pub, the beer is really cheap and start drinking from the beer list in the menu.

It was really dark by the time we had dinner, we cycled for a bit look for place to camp, but couldn’t find a good place, got a bit panic as its getting pretty late, so we just knocked on a farmer’s door and ask for camp in body language, the farmer lead to a field far away from his house and then walked away, it was so dark I didn’t have chance to look at him face to face, it was nice for him to let us camp in his field.

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