Vito – Montenegro

Amazing route around the lake to Kotor, flat and treated as time trial, it was so relaxed and really enjoyed it. Saw a massive cruise ship slowing navigate out of the lake, so I waved at it and it horned back!

Kotor is very nice small town. When I was looking for the hostel in Kotor old city, there was a very nice girl offer to help me, I thought I was lucky, but turns out she works for the hostel.Talked to a really old military veteran at restaurant and told me stories from wars, he speaks 6 different languages, but was scared to learn German, and he doesn’t seems like Albania and told me to look out for myself when I’m there.

Followed the coastline of Montenegro, was really hungry at one point and have to dropped into town at sea level for food, was reluctant to do it, because I need to climb up again, but finished a massive meal and the locals were pretty impressed about it. Talked to a Serbian women when I try to get out the town, she help me find routes and told me careful in Albania.

Was pretty dark when I arrive Ulcinj, on the outskirt of town there was a kid on scooter pull parallel to me and ask if I need place to stay, it was getting dark,  I’m was tired and hungry, so I followed and he brought me to a apartment in a small alleyway,  there was massive sounds coming from speakers that seems broadcast to whole town just after I get off my bike, I look up where I was on the map, it shown me 3 muslim cemeteries and one orthodox cemetery, and this town is near border of Albania, so I was a bit scared,   turn out the speaker message was muslim’s call to pray, and the kids family is very friendly and told me be careful in Albania!

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