Vito – Macedonia

Was really high up on the mountains when crossing from Albania to Macedonia, so I was able to see the lake and the storms slowly moving towards a city.

Cycled around the lake to get to orchid, was a relax cool down. Fixed the broken spoke in a bike shop. Stayed at hostel and met a group of cyclists doing Istanbul to London.

The guy at hostel was very nice and told me to look around the fortrest bwfore I leave and will be insult if I don’t do that. unfortunately I left without see it, what a shame!

It seems people like to shoot at traffic signs in this country. Saw a lots of traffic signs have couple bullet holes, but there was one no overtake sign on the side of the road have dozen of them!

In Bitola a guy saw me sleeping in the park and come to talked to me, also showed me the town and told me what to eat and drink in greece, the most important advice he gave me to Aviod mosquito – get drunk and mosquito won’t bite you!

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