Slovenia (Sam)

After stealing as much fruit and cereal bars as possible from our last hotel in Italy, we set off for Slovenia.

The atmosphere seemed completely different, the pace of life seemed very slow and relaxed in the countryside. We made our way through mountains covered in forests and there seemed to be endless possible camping spots in comparison to Italy. We passed by pretty cool wooden watch towers, which would have been perfect if was not about 10am.

The food was much much cheaper and we stopped for a three course meal for lunch, which only came to to a total of about ten Euro! I thought that I could definitely get used to eating like this every meal time.

We were in no particular hurry so we took it quite easy throughout the day and stopped fairly early in the evening to get a few beers. It sounds strange but we really struggled to find a bar, I almost gave up until Vito found one down the road. We thought about finding a hotel or somewhere to camp, but lost motivation and decided to drink our way through the beers on the list.

It was already dark by the time we thought we should find somewhere to camp. Reluctantly we set off on the road again to look for a quieter spot. We looked for a while but couldn’t see anywhere that was not farm land. After a few pints I had felt I had the confidence to just ask someone. Luckily a farmer was feeding his cows nearby and I asked him. He led us in silence to a remote spot and indicated that we could stay there. I felt pretty embarrassed that I couldnt even thank him in Slovenian, so fron then on I decided to learn at least please, thank you and hello in each language.

Slovenia seemed to be incredibly beautiful, like the French and Alps but a bit quieter. In a way it was a bit of shame to go through so quickly, so it is definitely on the list of places to go back to!

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  1. By the first comment, I am assuming you raided the breakfast buffet! All you can eat one, I am thinking? Xxx

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