Vito’s day 3 – Mixed day

It was a mixed nightmare and really good day. Managed around 80 miles (from a village called Lor to Pargny-sur-saulx)

Start very early, the morning view was beautiful on the long stretched french roads. Went to a very posh McDonald’s, you can only order from the self checkout and internet.


Sam had a puncher when we were in the middle of nowhere on a countryside lane, we have to repair the inner tube in the middle of rainstorm, because we didn’t bring any spare inner tubes with us!


The sun come out afterward and the Champagne countryside is amazing, massive green or yellow flower fields and blue sky, very hilly roads – perfect driving condition.


Found a beautiful campsite right next to river, but we thought going for a beer first and then come back picth the tent. The pub landlord offered us camp behind his garden after knowing our trip.



6 thoughts on “Vito’s day 3 – Mixed day”

  1. How kind of the landlord! Champagne sounds lovely! I don’t suppose you have tried any Champagne yet? I say grab some to celebrate how well you are doing!xx

  2. Hey brothers hope your loving the journey!!!!!!!! The website is amazing love keeping upto date with where you are and what you have been through! We’re all super proud of you both for taking this on! Keep on enjoying it and remember the awesome goal! Miss you both keep smiling through the hard times!………………KUNG FU

  3. Really enjoy reading the blog Vito, keep it up! Am checking in every day to see how you are doing. Maybe you need to invest in a spare inner tube each?! So glad you are getting helped along the way – vive la Francaise! A.Rose

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