Vito’s Day 0 – Hard start, good finish

It was hard to say good bye, can’t believe we actually doing it, was very emotinally exhausted.

The ride was fairly easy, we got off the ferry at Calais, pretty much followed D943 all the way.


There was a lots fairly steep up and down hills, which wasn’t easy for a steel touting bike loaded with stuff. A dog was barking loud and try catch us.

By following D943, we accidentally cycled on the D942 which is like motoway, the police stopped us and escorted us off the motoway. Fallen off the bike, but was fine.

Managed to find a perfect camping spot – its next to a river and hidden from roads, also able to see last bit of sunset. Went straight to sleep afterward.




6 thoughts on “Vito’s Day 0 – Hard start, good finish”

  1. Well done boys. Sam, that bike of yours looks pretty much like the one you take to work. Can’t be true. Good luck to you two and keep updating the blog! Axé!

  2. Am pleased you made it he first day though not sure how you can accidentally get on a motorway. Hope they were understanding! Lots of luck and love to you both AR xx

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